Borden Tragedy, Mary Rogers, Bloody Benders, Madeleine Smith, Lincoln

Rick Geary

400 pages of real murder cases from the Victorian era! This second handsomely quarter-bound omnibus volume brings together the famous double axe murder by Lizzie Borden, the drowning of the lovely Mary Rogers, the Benders who summarily offed their inn customers, Madeleine Smith poisoning an inconvenient suitor and the famous assassination of President Lincoln.

Stories included:

  • Borden Tragedy
  • Mary Rogers
  • Bloody Benders
  • The Case of Madeleine Smith
  • The Murder of Abraham Lincoln


"What stands out is the tone of the work; this collection has a cheeky perspective. Readers who enjoy wry humor and a devil’s advocate for a narrator will appreciate Geary’s style. Satisfies readers’ insatiable curiosity with the macabre"

“Recommended! If you haven’t had the pleasure of trying Rick Geary’s Treasury of Victorian Murderseries, this new omnibus volume is a wonderful starting point. Each of these stories, although set long ago, involves elements we can identify with, whether the spreading of rumors or sensationalized journalism or the question of how much to trust our neighbors or the ruinous dedication of political groups to lost causes.” - Comics Worth Reading

“The high quality that writer/artist Geary has maintained for his “Treasury of Victorian Murder” true crime series since its 1987 inception is easy to take for granted…Highly recommended for mature readers of graphic novels, mysteries history, and true crime.” – Library Journal

“It’s a densely crafted volume showing Geary’s dedication to detail and his own sense of investigation into true stories of the strange and macabre. This is exactly the kind of book to cozy up to as winter sets in.”
Bleeding Cool

“Geary meticulously researches each murder, and presents all the evidence to the reader in as objective a fashion as he can, in a faux-woodcut style that really could pass for the kind of illustrative artwork that preceded photography — if it wasn’t so much better. For one thing, there wasn’t much irony in those days, and Geary is forever arching an eyebrow artistically at the deadpan captions. All of which serves the narrative, which is invariably gripping.”
Andrew ‘Capt. Comics’ Smith, Tribune News Service

“All the stories are fascinating studies of human behavior in general, and of the peculiarities of Victorian life in particular.”
– Sequential Tart

"Readers can’t help but become engrossed in the drama."
-School Library Journal

6x9, 400pp., B&W quarter-bound hardcover, $29.99
ISBN 9781561639076