The Mystery of Mary Rogers

Rick Geary

Geary presents us yet another true crime of the last century, very carefully researched and factual but with his usual gleeful tongue-in-cheek look at the lurid details.

Mary Rogers was a compellingly beautiful lass employed in a cigar store in New York City in the mid-nineteenth century. She had a few suitors. Then, she suddenly disappeared, her body recovered in the Hudson off the Jersey side. The press had a field day with all the possible shocking possibilities. Rape... her "fooling around" between lovers...even gang rape.

Never was this case solved. The hypotheses remain many. Even Edgar Allen Poe thought to have solved the case and presented that in his tale "The Mystery of Mary Roget." Make up your own mind. Geary recreates a fascinating picture of the nascent still somewhat anarchical soon-to-be metropolis of New York.


"Executed with his customary attention to period detail, cinematic plenitude of points of view, and compositional brio." 

"Distinguished by a keen sense of period detail and sharp pacing: Geary serves his subject with dignity and grace." 
-Kirkus Reviews

"Geary's retelling is detailed and well researched, and his impressive black-and-white drawings depict Victorian New York with great care." 
-Publishers Weekly

"Unique, captivating...one terrific graphic novel!"
-Andrew Simith, Scripps-Howard Papers

Young adults susceptible to a good mystery or true-crime story should relish this book. With its commendable historical accuracy, it would also enliven studies of U.S. history."
-School Library Journal

As with his earlier works on the Lizzie Borden murders and Jack the Ripper, Geary shows a true talent for capturing the images, mood and even language of Victorian society. His approach is so effective that this work looks and reads as if it could have been produced in the 1840s. It's a fun read that could also work well in an American history class."
-Bradford W. Wright (author "Comic Book Nation"), Washington Post Bookworld

6x9, 80pp., B&W, trade paperback: $9.99
ISBN 9781561632886