Albert Einstein

The Poetry of Real

Marwan Kahil (writing) Manuel Garcia Iglesias (art)

When he's five years old, Albert Einstein's father offers him a compass that triggers in him an irrepressible need to understand the laws of the universe. At first a simple employee of the Swiss Patent Office in Bern, the young Einstein published in 1905 a series of scientific articles that question everything that was thought to be known in the world of physics. His theory, summed up by the formula E = mc2, opens to humanity the doors of the power of the atom... Legendary Genius, but also a great humanist, he lives through the first half of the 20th century, with all its horrors and contradictions, in the service of science, but distraught by what man's madness is capable of doing with it.


"A job very well done. Recommended."
-Mass movement

"Thought-pro­vok­ing, compre­hensive biograph­i­cal por­trait. The authors do not shy away from discus­sion of his Jew­ish iden­tity and the effect that may have had on his scientif­ic career, as well as how it affect­ed world history."
-Jewish Book Council

It was fascinating that his most famous theories started with a thought experiment, almost a daydream, in which he framed the big question in everyday terms: two ships approaching a lighthouse or a man falling off a building¦ this is a book you will want to keep and to pick up now and again to contemplate the 'thought experiments' or even just to look at the pretty pictures." -SF Crows Nest

"Gradual and understated in tone, this investigation is compelling in its examination of the world's first celebrity scientist's devotion to and advocacy of pacifism this is a visual delight celebrating a unique mind and personality, and one you should see as soon as you can."
-Now Read This!

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ISBN: 9781681122021

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