Bob Marley in Comics

Gaet's (writing) Sophie Blitman (art)

In the middle of a depressing youth in a ghetto of Kingston, Jamaica, Robert Nesta Marley sees only one way out: music. And that music will be what Jamaica made of rock and pop locally that had hardly been heard anywhere else: reggae!

It is Marley who brings the unmistakable beat of reggae to the entire world. From small stages in Jamaica, his partners of the Wailers accompany him all the way to the most fabulous world tours and adulation. Beyond a rocketing musical career, the most famous rasta wants to shake things up and proclaim all over his humanitarian and egalitarian values.

The next volume in the sellout series featuring the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.


"The variety of artwork will intrigue readers and give them a glimpse into his life and career. It is a great addition to any public library’s graphic novel and biography collection."

"Marley’s legacy of love and social protest was built with talent, hard work, charisma, and a bohemian life."
-Library Journal

"As educational as it is entertaining. This reviewer’s 13-years-old son couldn’t resist delving into the comics and ended up not only eager to listen to Marley’s music, which he had heard only episodically, but also asking questions about Jamaican politics. A truly riveting read."
-DME/Let It Rock

"Unreservedly recommended for the personal reading lists of the legions of Bob Marley fans and will prove to be an enduringly popular addition to community and academic library biography collections."
-Midwest Book Review

"It's a winning formula, offering a new perspective even to those intimately familiar with Marley's biography, while Sophie Blitman's between chapter essays fill in some gaps."
-Slings and Arrows

"Without any doubt Bob Marley and comics fans will be very pleased."
-Reggae Vibes

"The narrative is accessible, the chronology clear, and the story acknowledges both the strengths and weaknesses of character in this iconic Jamaican figure."

"One of the most anticipated graphic novels of Winter 2020."

176pp., 7 ½ x10, full-color hardcover, $27.99
ISBN 9781681122496

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