Breaking The Ten, vol. 2

Sean Michael Wilson (writing) Michiru Morikawa (art)

David becomes increasingly more desperate, with his extreme behaviour causing fights with everyone who cares for him: with the devilish Mr Black and the saintly Mr White and even with his loving parents. But his quest goes on, driving him to break the rest of the 10 commandments in order to draw out the elusive divinity to face a grief stricken man. Until, finally, he is faced with the most serious commandment all: 'Thou shalt not kill.'

Will he do it? Or will God stop him?


"Another riveting read, unreservedly recommended."
-Midwest Book Review

-Slings and Arrows

"Enquiring, engaging and utterly entertaining, this is a parable no saint or sinner should miss and every questing thinker should consider."
-Win Wiacek, Now Read This!

6x9, 128pp., B&W trade paperback, $12.99
ISBN 9781681121178

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Specially priced 2 volume set of the full story. When David loses his wife and child in a tragic car accident he decides, in anger at the cruelty of the event, to turn against God. He sets out to systematically break each of the Ten Commandments in order to both spite God and to get his attention! But will he go all the way, and break the commandment 'Thou shalt not kill'? Two mysterious figures, Mr White and Mr Black, try to win David over to their side: the religious or the humanistic. Deeply sad in parts and comical in others, this modern story explores age old questions: Is there a God? And if there is, does that God care about us?

6x9, 240pp. B&W set of 2 paperback, $24.99
ISBN 978-1-68112-197-0