Canciones of Federico Garcia Lorca

Tobias Tak

Foreword by Joost Swarte
Introduction by Christopher Maurer

Federico García Lorca is one of Spain’s foremost cultural and literary figures. In 1927, he published his masterpiece Canciones, a volume of lyrical poetry. Tobias Tak transformed twenty of these poems into a series of richly detailed and inventive comics. With his boundless imagination, Tak’s illustrations add a new depth and energy to Lorca’s poetry. This collection will appeal to lovers of visual art, graphic novels and poetry and aims to bring the colorful and atmospheric landscape of Lorca’s work to a new audience. Includes an introduction by Lorca scholar, editor and translator Christopher Maurer ("The Collected Poems of Lorca").


"Canciones is a masterful work, a collaboration across generational and international experience you will likely want to revisit."
-The Comics Journal

"Wild, near-hallucinogenic vistas and characters blend history with mythology to depict ephemeral situations and timeless moments in this evocative picture hymnal dedicated to the human condition. It's a beautiful achievement and the ideal gift for the sensitive ones in your life."
-Slings and Arrows

"Tak's adaptation picks up the playful spirit of Lorca's poems to go beyond simply illustrating the text, creating a delightfully magical hybrid."
-Publishers Weekly

"Canciones is a beautiful book that combines outstanding written and graphic imaginations."

8x10, 160pp., full-color hardcover, $24.99
ISBN 9781681122748

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