Darkly She Goes

Hubert (writing) Vincent Mallié (art)

Once upon a time there was a fallen knight, who believed that saving a princess would allow him to atone for his crimes. Once upon a time there was a princess with dark power over nature, who believed that it was up to her to atone for the crimes of her parents...

Banished for a fault that forever taints his reputation, Arzhur wanders from tavern to field of battle in search of the next contract which will fill his purse. One night, three mysterious old women offer him to regain honor and fortune if he frees the daughter of a neighboring king, held captive in the ruins of an abandoned castle. But Islen is not the damsel in distress that he expected to save. The two cannot resist each other, and a passionate romance threatens to derail their individual missions.

Magnified by the virtuoso art of Vincent Mallié, Hubert questions the weight of family heritage and delivers, under the finery of a tale, an intimate reflection on our inner monsters.

Darkly She Goes is an ode to redemption that pits free will against fate, brought to life by two masters of the fantasy genre.



"Darkly She Goes is an exciting, engaging, and emotional grand graphic novel fantasy about self-discovery, romance, and redemption."
- Foreword, starred review

"An epic fantasy and deadly dark fairy tale for adults, Darkly She Goes turns narrative conventions on their heads in a sharp and wry exploration of heroism, honour and self-reliance that is the perfect antidote for anodyne and saccharine bedtime stories."
- Win Wiacek, Now Read This!

"...alluring and mournful fable...Sublime fine line artwork by Mallié...Ardor burns bright but lights up past wounds in this elegant outing."
- Publishers Weekly

"A story of love, revenge, family strife, lust and power...There are no heroes or villains but larger than life characters with great flaws which lead to inevitable tragedy."
- SFCrowsnest, Eamonn Murphy

"Both romance and adult fairy tale, Hubert provides believable reactions in what’s a heady emotional brew with ambition and deception as undercurrents. It’s admirably unsentimental, and Game of Thrones fans ought to love Darkly She Goes."
-The Slings And Arrows, Ian Keogh

"Darkly She Goes is a riveting ode to redemption that pits free will against fate, and brought vividly and memorably to life by the collaboration of two true masters of the fantasy genre."
-Wisconsin Bookwatch, James A. Cox

9x12, 160 pp. full color hardcover, $29.99
ISBN 9781681123134

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