Fires Above Hyperion

Patrick Atangan

Imagine Sex and the City written by a gay Charlie Brown.  "One day I woke up and realized I had been dating for twenty years.  Twenty years.  It's hard to imagine anyone with as little resolve as I have doing anything for so long." 

In this autobiographical work, Patrick Atangan documents the sad hilarity of his love life from awkward first encounters, to finding out that the great guy you've been dating already has a boyfriend, to the sad inevitability of a break up. With a dark sense of humor, Atangan navigates the perils of the gay world.

"No exception to the Patrick Atangan rule of awesome!"
-Sequential Tart

"Insightful, penetrating, invitingly self-deprecating… magical and unforgettable!"
-Now Read This

"Unassuming yet unflinching, Atangan's self-deprecating exploration of his twenty-year journey through the trials and tribulations of dating showcases a humility and honesty that resonate deeply with the reader. Fires Above Hyperion isn't a chronicle of heartbreak and despair, but rather a celebration of human connection that transcends race, gender, or sexual orientation."
Broken Frontier

"A seriocomic chronicle of romantic disappointment. Plenty of humor, poignant."

"Atangan excels at translating feelings into emotions.
The trick of this particular graphic novel is the way in which Atangan makes events and aspects in his personal life seem that way to the reader as well. There's a relatability, an almost universality to his stories, which he achieves in their telling, even if readers might feel divorced from many of the specifics.
The first line of copy on the back reads, "Imagine if Sex and the City were written by a gay Charlie Brown…" So of course, I thought, 'I don't just want to imagine that. I want to read Sex and the City written by a gay Charlie Brown, and I want to read it as soon as possible."
And so, in all likelihood, will you."
-J. Caleb Mozzocco, Comics Alliance

6x8, 96pp., full color trade paperback, $14.99
ISBN 9781561639878
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