From the Amazon Jungle to Suburbia and Back

FLuX (art, writer), David Good (writer)

This is the story of the incredible journey of David Good, the son of an American anthropologist father, and indigenous Yanomami mother who calls the Amazon rainforest her home. Overlapping the story of what David’s mother’s early years were like being raised in the rainforest, the book follows David from childhood to adulthood as he searches for identity, love, acceptance, and the one thing truly missing from his life, his mother. Growing up in a predominantly white population of the US without a mother or a deeper connection to his South American roots, David struggles with issues of identity and relationships. His and his mother’s stories intertwine in a heartbreakingly beautiful climax when they are reunited in the jungle. Beautifully illustrated and co-authored by award winning artist and storyteller, FLuX, Good is a vivid and breathtaking visualization of a highly unusual life’s journey.

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“A heartfelt and vivid account of David Good's true journey—and truly stranger-than-fiction!”
Scott McCloud, Understanding Comics

"The detailed art is attuned to human emotions, as shown in the garish expressions of David’s classmates and in David’s mother’s subtle smile."
- Peter Dabbene, Foreword

"...a moving biography that also functions as a lesson in anthropology."
- Lindsay Pereira, Broken Frontier

"it will bring tears to your eyes."
- Richard Vasseur, First Comics News

"...a fascinating story…"
- Frank Plowright, The Slings & Arrows

6 ½ x 9 ½, 216pp, HC, part color, part B&W, $24.99
ISBN 9781681123301

e-book: 19.99
ISBN 9781681123318