Invincible Days

Patrick Atangan

This collection of short stories forms a singular narrative that reveals the tiny moments when you realize you are at the precious end-days of youth.  Atangan creates an intricate mosaic from his own childhood memories as well as those gathered from friends and family. Bittersweet, joyful and reflective, these are the type of marking moments that best define us as adults. By the author of the Yellow Jar and Silk Tapestry.


A YALSA Great Graphic Novel for Teens nominee

Publishers Weekly Critics' Poll Best of 2014

"Absolutely awesome! contains all of the little internal monologs that we had as children and could never seem to share with all the adults around us."
-Sequential Tart

"[The art] gives the stories a sense of serenity that was surprisingly interesting."

"The sweet and innocent illustrations are the perfect contrast to such a profound story."
-Comics Alternative

"Startling depth of character. An elegant work that successfully transforms deeply personal moments into a meaningful exploration of the universal
feelings of coming-of-age." 

"Don't let the small furry animals fool you. In Invincible Days, Patrick Atangan's elegantly simple, highly stylized visual storytelling draws the reader into the seasons of life with craft and guile. Once I started reading, I quickly realized what a brilliant choice Atangan had made in utilizing such innocuous storytelling vehicles to draw the reader into his intensely personal and insightful exploration. A dramatic stylistic departure from his previous works such as The Yellow Jar, Invincible Days is a testament to the refinement of Atangan's skills as an artist and his fearlessness as a storyteller."
-Broken Frontier

"New and notable release. I'd take a look at it for the visual style employed in the preview all by itself."
-Tom Spurgeon, 
Comics Reporter

9x6, 128pp., color hardcover, $19.99
ISBN 9781561639014

Buy the e-book: $9.99