Jon Nielsen


Artie is a droid programmed to endlessly perform a single task left in a world abandoned by humans. He is starting to wonder what meaning his task has. But when he and his only friend, Owen, a robotic bird, cast aside the only lives they've ever known in search of a brighter future, they encounter others that want nothing but to hold tight to the past. Join Artie the Robot and Owen the Vulture for a light-hearted sci-fi adventure as they journey far and wide for the answer to one of life's greatest questions: "why are we here?"


"Quite an engaging story told in a gentle tone with wry humor."
-Comics Grinder

"Carries many messages."
-San Diego Book Review

"Teens will enjoy the mix of humor, adventure, and philosophy."
Kat Kan, VOYA (Voice of Youth Advocates)

"The drawing style and dry, sly humor convey a storybook feeling that can veer into shock and pathos at pivotal moments."
-From his interview on Hilobrow

"Sort of like Waiting for Godot with cute robots."
-From another interview on the Comics Alternative podcast.

"A story that's deep and thought-provoking while still being fun and appealing. Has a lot of heart and artwork to match."

6x9, 144pp., B&W hardcover, $15.99 NOW $2.99