Michael Jackson in Comics

Ceka & other artists

Well beyond his passing in 2009, Michael Jackson remains one of the most adulated and mysterious stars in the world. Incredible singer, brilliant musician, amazing performer, he was just as talented as he was eccentric, adored as well as reviled with sordid accusations, sadly caught between a stolen childhood and a suffocating star system.

Discover in this biography mixing comics and documentary chapters, how the youngest of the Jackson 5 was propelled to the front of the stage and then onto one of the most extraordinary solo careers in music.
The next volume in the sellout series featuring the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Bob Marley.


"Very Highly Recommended."
-Midwest Book Review 

"Grade: 9/10. I definitely recommend this to anyone who's ever considered themselves a fan. It has interesting information, and is fun to read."

-Sheena McNeil, Sequential Tart

"Michael Jackson in Comics is a successful career run-through with some interesting artistic interpretations."
-Slings & Arrows

"Michael Jackson In Comics is a great concept."
-Genre is Dead

"Michael Jackson in Comics, with amazing colour, ebullient imagination and dignity, allows the reader to revisit the key events in Jackson’s career and personal life."
-XS Noise

"This is undoubtedly a great addition to the shelves of any (Michael) Jackson fan; it is also a good example of what comics can do for biography, when aspects of a celebrity’s life are explored by various artists in a medium that traditionally lends itself to experimentation."
-Broken Frontier

"Fans of Michael Jackson will revel in the adoration shown to him."

"The Michael Jackson Comic (Graphic Novel) Biography you NEED to read!"
Youtube review by MJfangirl

192pp., 7 ½ x10, full color hardcover, $26.99
ISBN 9781681122281

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