The Disney Bros.

The Fabulous Life of Walt & Roy

Alex Nikolavitch (writer) Felix Ruiz (art)

After the bankruptcy of his first two companies, the young Walt Disney decides to call on his older brother Roy to start a new business: the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studios. The combination of their opposing talents, one artistic, the other managerial, will give birth to an entertainment giant despite the difficult nature of Walt. Little by little, Walt will push his brother into the shadows and sink into chronic depression and excessive consumption of alcohol ... But all this will not prevent him from producing the greatest masterpieces of animation.

The authors have chosen a cartoon style, worthy of Mickey Mouse comics, to tell a very serious story of creation, money and politics, but also... of family.


"A great addition to nonfiction graphic novel collections for upper middle grade readers, teens, and adults."
-No Flying No Tights

"Impressively informative and highly recommended."
-Midwest Book Review

"Skillfully negotiating the complex web of beguiling creativity that always warred with a ruthless struggle for autonomy, political control and money, this is a superbly delivered balancing act between reportage and drama."
-Win Wiacek, Now Read This

"Disney loyalists may not appreciate this critical take, but open-minded graphic bio fans will be treated to a peppy tale of a complicated American icon."
-Publishers Weekly

7x10.5, 112pp. full color hardcover, $19.99
ISBN 9781681122663

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