The Devoted Friend & The Nightingale and The Rose

P. Craig Russell

The next volume in the prize-winning and greatly acclaimed complete adaptations of Wilde’s tales presents “The Devoted Friend” on what constitutes real friendship, and “The Nightingale and the Rose” a stirring story of sacrifice to love with a cruel twist.


"Wilde isn't blatantly jeering at hypocrites or credulous fools in these stories. He is, however, suggesting that even the most genuinely beautiful surfaces shouldn't be trusted. Russell catches this mood perfectly, not trying to overshadow Wilde but merely helping him do his disturbing work. Russell's exquisite art has a supple ink line that's never fussy."
-Publishers Weekly-starred review

"This is easily the best volume of Russell's Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde to date. It's easy to see why people who create art hold his work in such regard."
-Greg McElhatton, ICOMICS

"Grade: A-"
Comics Buyers Guide

"They're actually subversive satires that vary from the wickedly funny to the curiously bittersweet."
-Jeff Kapalka, Syracuse Post-Standard

"Lush color and a balanced mix of figurative styles provide readers with the opportunity to engage immediately and completely with the two stories included in this volume."

"The illustrations are colorful and exquisite, both stories demonstrate Wilde's gift for obvious irony and provide excellent lessons for readers of any age."
-Bloomsburg Review

"These are not saccharine, happy-ending stories; Wilde's acid wit gives them an edge. Russell's depiction is extraordinary, the art's lyrical splendor and gorgeous colors capturing the story."
-Library Journal

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Clothbound hardcover: 81/2 x 11, full color, cloth bound jacketed book, $16.99
ISBN 9781561633913

Paperback: 81/2x11, 32pp., full color trade paperback, $8.99
ISBN 9781561633920

Signed & Numbered edition: (Limited to 300) $50
ISBN 9781561633975