The Museum Vaults

Excerpts from the Journal of an Expert

Marc-Antoine Mathieu

The Louvre Collection:
The next volume in the striking collection in co-publication with the Louvre museum. An art assessor must evaluate the vast collections of the Louvre in an alternate Kafkaesque world where all is warehoused in an endless ever deepening succession of basement levels.

Mathieu, an artist who marries Escher with Kafka, brings stinging irony to the pompousness of art history. After Glacial Period, another stunning volume.

Fully the equal of the first book in the series, the extremely talented Nicolas De Crecy's Glacial Period.



'this story has visual puns as well as real insight on art-preservation efforts, resulting in an inspiring and inspired tale.'
School Library Journal

"Definitely a winner. Droll and deadpan, filled with dry wit that punctures the pomposity of art criticism."
-Andrew 'Capt Comics' Smith, Scripps Howard News Service

"A gem of a book. It's a slim book but don't be fooled. It's as rich and rewarding as many books three times its length." -Santa Fe New Mexican
"As the reader descends into the museum along with the narrator, the sense of being plunged into a subtle and surreal adventure becomes ever more heightened until you find yourself almost literally lost in the book."
-Jeff VanderMeer, 

"A Kafkaesque catalogue of paradoxes."
-Publishers Weekly

"Mathieu has a very dry sense of humor running through the book and through Volumer's journey. Like De Crecy's earlier book, this is a fascinating effort, and one any serious graphic novel reader will want to own."
-Marc Mason,

"A beautiful and absurd play on human nature and the act of creation."

"Very droll, highly delightful."

54 pages, 9 X 9 (only available as e-book)

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ISBN 9781561638697