The Beast of Chicago

Rick Geary

He was the world’s first serial killer and he existed in the late 19th century, operating around the Chicago World’s Fair, building a literal house of horrors, replete with chutes for dead bodies, gas chambers, surgical rooms. He methodically murdered up to 200 people, mostly young women. The infamous H.H. Holmes is the next subject of Geary’s award-winning and increasingly popular series.


"Geary's stylized precision of line and discreet picturing remain impeccable. Geary remains a master."
-Maggie Thompson, Comics Buyers Guide

"Premier true-crime graphic novelist Geary relies not on gore but on the scrupulously drawn detail and the droll, telling expression to advance Holmes' story."

"Geary's finest artistic effort in the series thus far."
-Augie De Bliek, Comic Book Resources

"In this graphic novel series, Geary covers some of history's most famous murders in meticulously researched, beautifully drawn volumes. Despite its charming outward appearance, Geary's art has a chilling subtext that makes the story even more creepy. Geary is an underrated master of comics, and this book will equally interest history buffs, true crime enthusiasts and fans of good comics."
-Publishers Weekly 

"This macabre tale is certainly not for the squeamish, but older readers who are fans of Gorey, murder mysteries, or true crime may enjoy it."
-School Library Journal

"The pictures usually lend this spare recitation a sinister quality, often by contrasting to the prose a parade of images that hint at things otherwise unspoken. All is discrete, restrained. And the very restraint serves the narrative by imparting to it another layer of sinister menace."
-R.C. Harvey, Comics Buyers Guide

Geary's exquisite black-and-white linework is reminiscent of period woodcuts, and his designs and page layouts are excellent."
-Library Journal

Another strong entry to his standout Treasury."
William Dowlding, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"Shows all the hallmarks of his previous volumes: in-depth research, attention to detail, dry humor, and detailed, distinctive art."

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