ZOMBILLENIUM set: vols. 3-4

Control Freaks/Royal Witchcraft


Arthur de Pins

The set combining volumes 3 and 4 at a special price! In the third story, there's excitement in the Zombillenium horror themed park run by actual monsters. Brought in by Behemoth himself, the vampire Bohemond Jaggar de Rochambeau IIII is brought in to consult, his mission: to increase return on investment for the shareholders, but for Behemoth that return has to be in souls.

In the 4th chapter, the park has never been better: its popularity has peaked following demonic reforms by Behemoth, who then decides to play his property in a very special competition... A witches' Sabbath!

Gretchen, Aurelian and Von Bloodt, meanwhile, have set up an underground escape network in order to offer the damned the chance for reconversion, far from the nine circles of Hell, a dangerous secret operation not appreciated by the park's board of directors. Determined to clean this out, they hire the services of a formidable enchantress who will turn into an arch-rival of Gretchen. Underground as in the air, the fight promises to be epic! Will the undead succeed in asserting their rights? Who will be the future happy owner of the Zombillenium Park? Not to be missed!

9x12, 96pp., color hardcover 2 book set, $24.99
ISBN 9781681123196