Larry Hancock (writer) Michael Cherkas (art)

Introduction by Robert J Sawyer

Several years after his fateful final encounter with would-be presidential assassin Matt Sinkage, private detective Phil Housley finds himself reluctantly protecting a paranoid lawyer from alien abductions, sinister government agents and mad scientists. At the same time Housley is battling demons from his past that threaten to unravel his own fragile sanity. Collected here for the first time, "Abductions" continues the Silent Invasion saga of a deeply paranoid and fearful America.


"Abductions! offers an unforgettable gateway to an eerily familiar yet
comfortably exotic era of innocent joy and a million "top secrets" which no
fan of fantastic thriller fiction should ignore and the best is still to
-Comics Review

"Hancock and Cherkas build this brew of mystery and paranoia into a clever thriller where Housley is stymied at every turn. When there are revelations they’re brilliantly delivered in a way that only serves to further muddy the waters. Can Housley defeat the Man and his entrenched vested interests? It’s a blast finding out."
-Slings & Arrows

7x10, 136pp., B&W trade paperback, $16.99
ISBN 9781681122557

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ISBN 9781681122564