Dark Matter


Larry Hancock (writer) Michael Cherkas (art)

Walter Sinkage’s quiet suburban life is shattered when he witnesses several UFOs flash past in the sky. His search for the truth about the UFOS and the suspicious disappearance of his brother Matt, leads him to an alien abduction support group and confrontation with the Church of Cosmic Enlightenment. When Walter also vanishes, police detective Eddy Dime finds himself stymied while trying to uncover the truth behind what happened to the two brothers and other victims of what he believes may be an alien conspiracy that reaches into the highest and murkiest echelons of government power.


"Since the early 1990s, the American public has been deluged with novels, films, television shows, and comic books that revolve around conspiracy theories and UFOlogy. By far, Cherkas and Hancock's approach to this subject matter is among the most sophisticated, elegant, and entertaining."
-Robert Guffey

"An excellently crafted series of mystery and paranoia with top creators lining up to praise it, yet it remains without awards and somehow avoids recommendation lists. In short, more people should be aware of The Silent Invasion and how good it is."
-Slings & Arrows

"A stunningly stylish conspiracy saga, bolting 1950s domestic terrors (invasion by Reds; invasion by aliens; invasion by new ideas...) onto Film Noir chic: and employing 20-20 hindsight to produce a phenomenally fresh and enticing delight.
Gripping and utterly addictive, The Silent Invasion is incomprehensibly charming and challenging. Rendered in a compelling, spectacularly expressionistic style it is an epic of perpetual twists and turns, leaving readers dazed, dazzled and always hungry for more, and its Machiavellian contortions and observations have never been more relevant than now.
Provides an unforgettable gateway to an eerily familiar yet comfortably exotic era of innocent joy and a million "top secrets" no fan of fantastic thriller fiction should ignore.
10/10! A Christmas gift recommendation."
-Win Wiacek, Now Read This

7x10, 144 pp. B&W trade paperback., $16.99
ISBN 9781681122830

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